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One-stop, fluff-free distribution management service focused on maximising game makers’ revenues and minimising risk exposure at the same time.

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What we can do for your games


Video game distribution management

We can make your portfolio of games available for purchase to millions of gamers around the world by leveraging our contacts with hundreds of platforms where games are offered to end users.


Commercial strategy and planning

We can help you figure out the best commercial strategy for your games, including local pricing, sales curve, availability, region locking and other factors that affect your performance and bottom line.


Sales management and reporting

We monitor and track various data points related to your games and make necessary adjustments to help us meet targets such as overall revenue, average selling price, performance vs. competing titles and more.

Who it is for


If you are one of those publishers that focuses on a few sales channels which add up to most of your revenue, we can significantly enhance your distribution network while maintaining the highest level of security over your products, meaning you can increase your sales efficiency risk-free.

Game developers

Regardless if you already have a publishing deal or if you decide to work on your own, we can serve as your sole digital distribution manager, making sure your games are sold in a proper manner, while allowing you to focus on what you know best - making games.


We help out retailers, distributors, agencies and other above-the-board companies that are looking into expanding their gaming portfolio. We can provide you with access to official digital content that is bound to attract your gaming audience.

Global reach with local focus

We reach partners in all key gaming markets using tailor-made approach and deep understanding of intricacies of local market and region-specific challenges around pricing, SKU setup, run rate limits and overall security of your IPs.

Starlight Distribution in Numbers


verified, official retailers with direct access to millions of gamers worldwide


of loyalty programs, fintech companies and marketing agencies


key world regions with tailored sales and marketing approach to each of them


currencies supported by our affiliated stores for local buyers around the world

We focus on security and transparency

Utilising a robust selection of security measures, we can ensure that your products are only sold to actual users, through official and approved channels, at correct prices, in correct SKU version and with no risk of fraud, pricing arbitrage and region-lock circumvention.

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